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Case Studies

our results in immigration and employment law cases

A German investor wanted a visa that achieved his goals, but wouldn't break the bank. We delivered.
DeutscheTech hired a European executive for its San Francisco office. It didn't work out.
Raul and the other drivers weren't paid overtime. We got them all back wages and interest.
Carol planned to retire and tried to pad her savings with a bogus DFEH complaint. We got it dismissed.
RAM Consulting needed Joost here fast from the Netherlands. With no H1Bs available, we got him a J1.
Marco served in the USMC. His wife entered the US illegally. We filed for parole-in-place to get her a greencard.
FADO needed Agostinho as IT Director in the US, but there were no H1Bs left. We got him an O-1.
When we learned Jack had a felony conviction that could ruin his employment case, we moved fast.
Bella injured her back at work pushing a heavy cart. Her boss told her not to go to the doctor. She did and he fired her.
Heba's family worried she'd be unable to marry if she was uncircumcised. They were going to physically force her to do it.
A contractor sued Henry for inflated bills and then tried to bar him from bankruptcy. We sued and Henry won.
Jeong complained about unsafe work conditions. His boss threatened and then fired him. We sued.
Tina was sexually harassed at work. She reported it to her union and FEHA. Nothing. Then we sued.
USCIS lost Jai's case and ignored him for years. We sued to make it right.
Executives were ready to walk because of the labor certification queue. We drove around it.
LVS wanted 100% of its PERM labor certification cases approved. We delivered.
Francis's past attorney did him wrong. We sued to make it right and compensate him.
Asica wanted to fab chips in the US to beat foreign competitors. We delivered.


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