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case studies:

USCIS lost Prakash's case and wouldn't respond to his inquiries
Jaswant petitioned for her siblings Prakash, Paramjit and Ankita. All were eligible to immigrate in 1994. The consulate granted Paramjit and Ankita visas but refused Prakash. Six years and three attorneys later, Jaswant hired us to sue USCIS.
Senior consultants considered quitting because of the queue
A major consulting company needed a faster way to get green cards for senior managers. We created a system for multinational manager green card cases that achieved a 100% approval rate and reduced the queue for Indian nationals to 12 months.
LVS needed a 100% approval rate on labor certification cases
When a large California accounting and consulting firm needed a 100% labor certification approval rate, they came to us and we delivered. How? By carefully working with HR to redesign the company's jobs documentation ensuring consistency and building a reproducible system.
Francis's past attorney did him wrong, but we made it right
Francis was a construction worker injured on the job. He hired a lawyer to manage his workers compensation claim, but his attorney dropped the ball. We filed a lawsuit against his previous attorney for legal malpractice and won Francis the compensation he deserved.
Asica wanted to fab chips in the US to be faster than competitors
Asica realized it could deliver freshly designed test chips faster than competitors if it opened a fab plant in the Silicon Valley. The company hired us to seamlessly arrange the transfer of managers and scientists from Hong Kong to the United States.
Tough Employment Claims
Employment claims result from bad behavior. Sometimes employers fire or punish employees unfairly, discriminate for invidious reasons, or break contracts. Other times employees bring frivolous claims when their termination was the result of their own poor performance. We choose clients with good claims and just causes.
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Prosecuting or Defending a Lawsuit

Whether you are suing another party, or being sued, lawsuits can be an unsettling experience.  The more you know about the process, the better prepared you'll be to make important decisions.  Learn more about how this process works...




USCIS Case Status


What is a Visa?
A visa is a stamp a consular officer places in a passport to indicate that a foreign national qualifies to apply for admission to the United States.  A Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer then decides at the port of entry whether to admit the foreign national and for how long.  The CBP officer's decision is reflected on the Form I-94.

A visa is not status.  For example, many foreign nationals obtain a ten year B-1/B-2 tourist/business visa.  The visa is valid for ten years, but the CBP officer at the port of entry will only admit the visitor for six months.


I-485 Adjustment Issues

Listen to an Overview of Adjustment of Status

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Medical Exam Locator

Enter your zip code for a list of nearby doctors to perform an I-485 medical exam.


How to Keep Your Residence

Many people don't realize that it's easy to lose permanent residence.  Read this article to learn about how you can lose permanent residence and what you can do to protect it.