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Asica's s just-in-time chip fab has resulted in lead times of as little as 48 hours to deliver test chips to Silicon Valley clients. This gave Asica an edge over offshore competitors that require up to two weeks to fab.  Sean Olender helped make this possible

Asica needed a complete package to start up a US entity from entity formation through office space, corporate bank account and initial legal compliance systems.  The company then needed to move senior managers and engineers to the United States to open a small fab plant.

After carefully discussing the options, Sean Olender designed an L-1 program based on the company's formal affiliation with a larger Hong Kong-based electronics manufacturer.  Asica's goal was to be able to produce customized small runs of microelectronics, transistors and integrated circuits for test and measurement, fault and QA testing.  By providing test products with little lead time, Asica was able to secure contracts before its competitors who often had to wait while an offshore team created and shipped test products.

Olender was involved in every step in the process executing on time and within budget.  USCIS issued a request for evidence asking tough questions about the education and immigration background of the executive directing the establishment and intial operation of the US office.  Sean Olender pressed the company for all necessary documents even in the face of initial resistance.  The result was an approved case, a crucial subsidiary up and running and direct access to a new market for an offshore chip manufacturer.

We believe that it is our job to work with our clients to help them do what is necessary for us to achieve superior results.  While some firms are content to not "bother" the client, we are careful to alert our clients that if they do not help us to adequately document and respond to government requests, the risk of a negative result in their cases increases.  We work to relieve our clients of as many administrative burdens as is possible, but we also appreciate that without close cooperation, the likelihood of a superior result is unacceptably diminished.

We seek nothing less than your case being approved.

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