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Complete questionnaires and check case status at your own secured, customized online portal. We also customize your case status reports at no extra charge so you see the data you want how you want it. Upload a terabyte to our secured server, and enjoy rapid response from our paperless process.

Case management is a key component of high quality legal services.  We manage a lot of client information and to do it reliably, we use an online case status database.  This system allows you to enter data directly into our database using a secured portal.  It allows our individual clients to enter their data into our database using a secured portal and it allows companies, employees and individuals to view their case status and most of the data regarding their case through our 24/7 secured web-based system.

If we represent your company, your HR manager can be directly involved in monitoring cases through a custom secured portal with your company's logo and links to:

  • A list of your employees
  • Drill down on employee data
  • Reports on pending cases and visa expiration
  • Change/update data

Because we have deep experience in case management and in-house expertise in business process consulting, we know what data is available and how it can be sorted, calculated and displayed.  Instead of logging into your portal and choosing from 20 different reports that "sort of" provide the information you need, we customize your reports so that you get exactly what you want, how you want it and when you want it, including automatic e-mail reminders.

Your ability to check your own case status, or the case status and visa expiration dates of hundreds or thousands of employees in seconds is an instantly soothing experience.  And unlike many firms, we do not charge a per case or recurring fee for case management system access.  Your access and use is at no charge provided that you choose our firm to represent you.

Every case begins with a questionnaire to the employer, employee, family member or applicant. The database prepopulates every questionnaire field for which it already has data, which saves our clients wasted time and also allows them to quickly review information they provided in the past to ensure that it is current. If not, the client can change the information and inform us of the changes with the click of a button.

We grant access to questionnaires for as much time as you need. You can answer a few questions at work, a few when you get home, and even a couple from a cafe. When the questionnaire is complete, you lock it by clicking a button.

We also maintain our own secured file server. That means you don't have to worry about what two week old offshore employee may have access to your critical, private documents in free Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box accounts. Do you need to upload some seriously large files? We can set up a secured SSL account on our file server for you in less than two minutes and you can securely upload as much as one terabyte of files.

Because we maintain a paperless office, we can provide you with a download link to a single document or the case files of 100 employees. If you hired us ten years ago to file a petition and now you need a copy of a document from that file, we still have it at our fingertips.

Contact us for a free demonstration of our online case management system, secured cloud server (hosted in-house) and paperless document management system.  You'll be glad you did.

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Call us at 408.797.0000

Call us at 408.797.0000

Call us for a consultation at 408.797.0000. We offer expert services and proven experience with complex issues that others can overlook.

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