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Journal Articles

SB 94: Tilting the Playing Field for Unscrupulous Mortgage Servicers, Verdict Magazine, Coalition of Concerned Legal Professionals, July 2010

The Criminal Character of the Civil Immigration Law System, Verdict Magazine, Coalition of Concerned Legal Professionals, July 2009

The Trickle Down Bailout Bottoms Out, Verdict Magazine, Coalition of Concerned Legal Professionals, July 2008

Immigration Issues in a New World: The End of INS, NCHRA Legal and Legislative Affairs Council, 2003

The Mess at INS, San Francisco Attorney Magazine, June 2002

Opening a US Office: Immigration Aspects of Offshore Software, San Francisco Attorney Magazine, June 2001

In and Out of Cuba: Two Sides of an Unusual Immigration Process, BASF Barrister’s Club Journal, June 2001

A Footnote to the Linda Chavez Scandal, San Francisco Attorney Magazine, May 2001

Business Immigration Handbook, NCHRA HR Professional Continuing Education, 2000

The H-1B Skilled Worker Handbook: Tips and Secrets for Quickly Hiring the Best Candidates, NCHRA HR Professional Continuing Education, 2000

Oh Those H-1Bs: The Silicon Valley’s Skilled Worker Shortage, HR Bulletin, August 2000

Labor Certification Handbook, CLE Handbook, Co-Author Grace Hoppin, Associate FDBL, 2000

Newspaper Articles

Murky Present for an Issue that Has a Myth-Filled Past
San Francisco Chronicle 10/28/2012

Bailout Psychology
San Francisco Chronicle, 04/05/2009

The Trickle Down Bailout
San Francisco Chronicle 09/30/2008

The End of the Republic
San Francisco Chronicle 09/23/2008

The Great Swindle
San Francisco Chronicle 09/14/2008

Who Will Pay the Mortgage When the Owner Walks? San Francisco Chronicle 02/08/2008

Stimulus Plan a Scam to Benefit the Rich
San Francisco Chronicle 02/03/2008

The Mortgage Rate "Freeze" - The Real Story Is Fraud San Francisco Chronicle 12/09/2007

The Coming Mortgage Bailout
San Francisco Chronicle 03/20/2007

Down to a Science: Biotech Greencards
San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle – 11/7/2000

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