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We focus on immigration and employment law, delivering small firm personal attention with big firm technology and expertise to give you the best of both worlds.


We deliver on immigration and employment law services. We have extensive experience and use thoughtful systems to gather evidence and process your case quickly. Because we understand immigration and employment, we can help you in the often complicated areas where they overlap.

Most people seeking immigration status also seek employment. Most companies hiring foreign workers have employment law questions. With Olender, you have One stop, One answer, One bill.  You save time and money because we know the answer to your questions without you having to retain two different law firms.

Knowing When to Fight

We litigate both immigration and employment law cases.  And we can guide employers how to avoid lawsuits and also helps employers who follow the law not get outmaneuvered by ones that don't.  We believe in ethics.  When employers don't play by the immigration and employment law rules, they take an unfair economic advantage that allows them to offer services at a lower cost than employers who play by the rules.  We do not represent scofflaws and we participate in efforts to level the playing field so that when the companies we represent follow the rules, they aren't unfairly disadvantaged by competitors that don't.


Our unified HR service offering makes it possible for you to prepare wholesome policies and documents that take into account all of the legal issues that you need to know to deliver on time and within budget.

We've been paperless since 2003 and we keep secured offsite file backups of every document we've received or filed since the day we opened for business.  We're efficiency evangelists and we can even help you move your department paperless.  Ask us how.

We use online case management tools that we developed in house, but we're also happy to use yours.  If you're currently using a third party online case management system, we're happy to use what you and your employees are familiar with.  Ask us about a firm to firm transfer through any third party software vendor and we'll be happy to use your existing system and existing data for a seemless transition.  You and your employees can continue with the same interface, the same data and the same systems if that's how you like it.

Industry Experience

Sean Olender has more than sixteen years of experience.  Our team is from the industry with project manager Debora Wu having served for fifteen years at Hewlett Packard most recently as a project and quality manager and intake administrator Karina Esquivel holding a translator's certification and notary public license.  We are Six Sigma devotees.  We're not just a law firm, we understand Silicon Valley business because we've come from Silicon Valley business.

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Call us at 408.797.0000

Call us at 408.797.0000

Call us for a consultation at 408.797.0000. We offer expert services and proven experience with complex issues that others can overlook.

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The Olender Pro Bono Project

We represent some clients who have compelling cases and little money at no charge. Sean received the Benito Juarez human rights award in 2008 and the ALRP Volunteer Award in 2012 for taking more than 10 pro bono cases in 12 months. We need volunteers. E-mail Debbie to volunteer.


Change Your Address at DHS!

If you are not a US citizen, you must change your address with DHS within 10 days of moving or face deportation. Click Here.